Kriya History

Sri Sailendra Bejoy Dasgupta

(Original Title: Kriya Yoga and Swami Sriyukteshvar)

This book is a rare gem. Written and originally appearing at the end of the author's illustrious life, it is one of the few books available today in which the accurate information on Kriya Yoga is given, historical and otherwise, and written by a man who was part of that sacred tradition during its very crucial years and who had personally known several of the authorized disciples of the Yogiraj Shyama Charan Lahiri Mahasaya (including of course his own beloved Master, the illustrious Swamiji Maharaj, Sriyukteshvar Giri, by whom he was initiated in year 1929 at age nineteen and with whom he remained in close association).
Kriya Yoga is a system of physical and mental discipline towards attainment of Yoga as defined in the Yoga Shastras. The system taught by Yogiraj Shyama Charan Lahiri and down through his illustrious disciples is commonly termed Kriya. The technique and discipline taught are in conformity with the basic conceptions laid down in the Gita, Patanjal, Yoga and Tantra Shastras and the Manu Smriti; and designed in the pattern of movements of heavenly bodies that cause appearance of the Yugas and their virtues.
The book also discusses similarities that can be traced in the teachings of Jesus Christ contained in selected expressions in the Holy Bible and the basic conceptions of the Hindu spiritual practices and scriptures.
Essentially Kriya Yoga is a universally applicable spiritual system without any inhibition with regard to faiths and nationalities, and directed towards development of the complete man-in body, mind and in the unfoldment of the inner Spirit.
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