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Contemporary Kriya Writings

"Via the lotus-stem-thread of the mouth, relinquish breath - meaning: make it Still; in this way - via the sushumna path, it becomes Still like this spontaneously. This is the indication of 'kumbhak' - meaning: vayu moves in Stillness via the sushumna; that is the state of kumbhak."
~ Lahiri Baba from Amritabindu 13
"Sreshtha uttamanga [the greatest and principal part of the body] (mouth)* brahmin" - when there is samadhi; the abode of all happiness is "swarga" [heaven]; when one performs Kriya, one is a "brahmin"; from that Mouth - Lord (Purushottama).**
[*and**Translator's note: The parentheses and the text within them are in the original.]
~ Lahiri Baba from Manu 1:93
Points of Kriya as given by Yogiraj Shyama Charan Lahiri Mahasaya from His introduction to the Gita:
  1. Pranayam;
  2. seeing Yonimudra in the Eye;
  3. tongue going to the head;
  4. staying in the Bindu and listening to the Sound;
  5. keeping the star from the throat to the forehead

by bala

New revised expanded edition. Kriya Stories is an enchanting, entrancing collection of stories told by Shri Balaji, a disciple of Sri Sailendra Bejoy Dasgupta Maharaj, himself a direct disciple of Swami Sri Yukteshvar Giri Maharaj. These stories form an engrossing narrative which reveals the quiet, humble manner of the true traditional practitioners of Kriya Yoga and their Gurus. In this new expanded revised edition of Kriya Stories some of the stories have been expanded and further detailed information has been added to them.
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Commentary on Selected Verses In Light of Kriya Yoga by bala

The Yoni Tantra is a sacred and secret scripture for initiates of the Tantra tradition. Yoga Niketan is pleased to present a fresh translation of key verses and a short commentary upon them in the light of Kriya Yoga, by an authentic representative of the sublime system taught by the revered Yogiraj Shyama Charan Lahiri Mahasaya. Sitting at the feet of our silent and secretive Guru, the successor to Sri Sailendra Bejoy Dasgupta (eminent direct disciple of Swami Maharaj Sri Yukteshvar Giriji of Serampore) we were able to listen to and record the sacred commentary made of the Yoni Tantra, in the hidden light of Kriya Yoga. The priceless wisdom contained herein cannot be measured.
This book is not intended for the general public and was recorded and intended for the Guru-initiated Kriyavans. We offer this commentary to the feet of our paramguru Sri Sailendra Bejoy Dasgupta ("Dadu") as a quiet offering to his holy feet.
The translation of the Yoni Tantra verses into English was done by the Yoga Niketan Team and is copyright of Yoga Niketan and cannot be reproduced without permission of Yoga Niketan. Yoni Tantra is a sacred and secret scripture for initiates of that tradition. We had agreed to friends of that tradition (who worked with us on the translation) to protect it from unauthorized proliferation.
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Excerpts from the Thousand Names of the Holy Lalita with short commentary in Light of Kriya by bala

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In the Light of Kriya Yoga by bala

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