“Focus on the Divine in the Spiritual Eye as this is my True Form. 
I am not this body of flesh and bones.  

“The Holy Babaji Maharaj has been an enigma. The worshipful Guru of Shri Shri Shyama Charan Lahiri Mahasaya, he was the fountain source of dissemination of the system of Kriya Yoga to the world in modern times.

“As soon as Priya Nath entered the tent he heard a welcoming voice announcing, “Swamiji Maharaj! Take your seat.” He saw a very bright and pleasant looking saint [The Mahamuni Babaji Maharaj] smilingly signaling him to take his seat.

“At the time of Kriya, the tongue needs to be inverted and brought above through the nasal-orifice, cross the mucus membrane and it’s tip should be kept in a slightly tilted position towards the left side (this automatically tilts) ; and this state of the sãdhaka is called Kapidvaja, the flag or banner with a monkey.
“The Kriya Yogi endeavors to constantly remain immersed in the holy sound Pranava, the Omkar; and the deeper the concentration attained in this effort the quicker is he able to get over the attributes of senses and ultimately above the veil of Maya, Delusion.