The rumour was afloat in Mathura that Krishna appeared in Kalidah at night. Crowds of people started going to Kalidah for the darshan of Krishna. One day some people from Mathura went to see Mahaprabhu [Lord Chaitanya] at Akrur after returning from Kalidah. Mahaprabhu said, “Where do you come from?” They said, “We had gone to see Krishna, Who appears at night in Kalidah.
We saw Krishna dancing on the head of Kaliyah and a jewel shining on Kaliyah’s expanded hood. Yes, we saw with our own eyes. There is no doubt about it.” Mahaprabhu laughed and said, “Yes, how can there by any doubt, when you actually saw Him.”
For three days people continued to go and report to Mahaprabhu like this. Balabhadra Bhattacharya also sought Mahaprabhu’s permission to go and see Krishna. Mahaprabhu slapped him and said, “You areapandit. Don’t like a fool be carried away by fools. Krishna does not appear in Kali. You sit at home. But if you cannot restrain yourself, go tomorrow night and see Krishna.”
The next morning some intelligent people came to Mahaprabhu. Mahaprabhu said, “Have you had the darshan of Krishna?” They replied, “There is no Krishna at Kaliyah. It is all an illusion. It is a fisherman, standing in a boat lighted with a lamp, who does fishing in Kaliyah at night. From a distance the boat looks like the head of the multifaced Kaliyah, the lamp looks like the jewel on his head and the fisherman looks like Krishna dancing on his head.”
~ Lord Chaitanya, O.B.L Kapoor