"What is kal? Kal is that one who presides in the lotus. When there is no lotus, he lives in the Void. The jiva [vital-life] of kal is jiva [alive individual being]. Kal emerges from this body which is Omkar's form, and the merging of kal is in kal itself. The kal of all kals is "mahakal" [great time] Brahman Supreme Space Supreme Sky Consciousness Sky Itself in the par avastha of Kriya.
"Shabda [divine Sound], which is the Void – when the restless mind becomes Still from all sides and abides in the Void – at that time the Sound of the Omkar Resonance is heard, and all of the sounds from the external world merge into the Void, sound against the organ of the ear and all sounds can be heard. Therefore, all sounds that you hear are all the Void. Therefore, the "Mahayana" [Great Void] is Brahman, and Shabda is Itself Brahman in this way." 
~Lahiri Baba from Avinashi Kabir Gita