From Kabir:
“There the sky is filled with music;
There it rains nectar;
There the harp strings jingle, and there
The drums beat.
What a secret splendour is there, in the
Mansion of the sky!
There no mention is made of the rising
And the setting of the sun”
“I have known in my body the sport of
the universe; I have escaped
the error of this world.
The inward and the outward are
Become as one sky, The Infinite
And the finite are united; I am drunken
With the sight of this All!”
“O my heart! Let us go to that
country where dwells the Beloved,
the ravisher of my heart!
There Love is filling her pitcher from the well, yet she has no rope where-
with to draw water;
There the clouds do not cover the sky,
Yet rain falls down in gentle showers:
O bodiless one! Do not sit on your
Doorstep; go forth and bathe
Yourself in that rain!
There it is ever moonlight and never
Dark; and who speaks of one sun
Only? That land is illuminated with
The rays of a million suns.”